4 Reasons to Buy Custom Made Furniture

4 Reasons to Buy Custom Made Furniture

Your home is a unique living space, designed for you according to your personal preferences, taste and style. With that in mind, it only makes sense to decorate with custom pieces of furniture that reflect your unique living space. We’ve made everything from custom dog platforms to beautiful custom counter tops.  A simple line drawing or sample photos with a few dimensions is all we need to establish a price quote. From there we can make a piece to fit any custom situation in your home.  It can be small or large – multi-sectional or one piece.

Over the years I have had two large cherry cupboards made, a sofa table, a beautiful bench and the most gorgeous wall hanging cupboard. Just bring in a photo and Bob designs it and the Amish will make it. Quality is amazing…and prices are very affordable.  It’s SO much better than “store bought”.                                                                                                          Kathi Fitzherbert

It’s affordable. Most of our clients are thrilled by our custom pieces and even happier when they see the final cost.  When people think of custom furniture they think BIG BUCKS! Not true, not only is it affordable but, it’s exactly what you want.

It’s a perfect fit. Create the ideal fitting piece you have always wanted – made to measure for your special space.

It’s unique in design. The piece that you design is all you! You design it and we’ll make it. You can bet there is no other piece like it. It will be a family heirloom to pass down through the generations.

It’s a quality piece. Custom made furniture pieces get personal attention by our master craftsman. They are crafted from solid wood and may contain knots and other character marks which give each piece its own unique qualities. Solid wood furniture is durable, easy to maintain, a décor staple, and offers you long-term value.


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