Antique Heart Pine Flooring

The Southern Yellow Heart Pine of the 19th and early 20th centuries was manufactured from “first growth” long-leaf pine trees which may have grown for up to 300 years. The enormous trees had extensive heartwood with smaller growth rings and today are considered to be a premium wood for flooring and other decorative building uses. The high concentrations of resins made the wood very heavy and resistant to aging or deterioration from dry-rot or infestations. Today, this antique wood is recovered from old barns, factories and other post and beam structures. The salvaged beams are the principal source of the antique flooring milled for Housatonic Hardwoods. When sawn into planks and milled into flooring, the primary areas exhibit the rich heart-red grain coloration, contrasted with modest areas of the yellow sapwood grain. There will be dark brown areas where natural light aging has darkened the outer surfaces of the old beams, and there will be some knots and occasional, randomly-occurring nail holes — evidence of the past history of the wood.

Additional Information

Antique Heart Pine floors will develop a full patina with exposure to natural light. This patina can be achieved with oil stains which require no additional finishing or the flooring can be finished with various polyurethanes. Installation can utilize tongue and groove nailing or surface nails with antique style cut nails. A tendency to move in place requires secure fastening.

  • 3/4″ thick, T&G, Kiln dried
  • Available widths – 3″ – 10″
  • Available lengths – random
  • Price Range – $8.95-$17.50/sf
  • Solid or Engineered

Available Grades

  • Plain Sawn or Flat Grain

    This is the more common type of flooring and exhibit’s broad, sweeping, curvy, strong-contrasting grain patterns. It is available in long lengths 6’ to 16’, wider plank widths up to 12”

  • Vertical Grain or Edge Grain

    Sometimes referred to as “pinstripe” this flooring has the greatest hardness and wear qualities and a more formal look typical of vertical grain wood. It is usually produced in long lengths and widths up to 4” & 5”