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Wood Flooring & Acclimation Once your wood flooring is ordered you will be given a delivery date. Be sure that on the date of delivery you have an area in your new home or room where you can safely store your wood planks. When your wood is delivered it CANNOT be installed immediately. It must go through a process called ACCLIMATION. This is the process of allowing a wood floor’s moisture content to equilibrate (reach equilibrium) with its surrounding environment. NOTE: Wood flooring installation is usually one of the last jobs of.

What Are Your 2018 Home Improvement Goals?

What Are Your 2018 Home Improvement Goals?

Don’t wait for warmer weather to order your wood flooring! Special wood flooring orders can take several weeks – start the conversation today! #wideplankflooring #hhardwoods #hardwoodflooring #americanhardwoods #meetyour2018goals #logbloggers #kentct

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