One thing that is indisputable is wood is “in”! You might be thinking that we’re talking about wood flooring but, not this time.  While it is still very “in” as a flooring option it is also sneaking in as a room design element. Here are our top 4 wood design elements that will make any room shine!

1. Wood Paneling

We know for some wood paneling doesn’t immediately bring to mind a modern home, it seems that sentiment is about to change. Done in a skinny, slatted style or applied at interesting angles, wood walls can actually feel fresh and modern. And, no room is off limits—especially bathrooms and kitchens, where wood paneling brings a warmth that’s unexpected and often lacking.

2. Wood Islands & Countertops

Wooden kitchen islands are nothing new. In fact, they feel more classic and traditional with more polished finishes feeling apt in contemporary kitchens. Yet it is a blend of sophisticated man-made finishes along with natural stone and comfy wood that is the trend in homes today. This is exactly why woodsy kitchen islands and countertops are a top choice in some of the best kitchens designs today.

3. Wood Vanities & Washstands

A modern bathroom is a great place to use a wood vanity. Why? Because it is a durable and sustainable material that can make your commode look outstanding! If you love the rustic chic vibe of fine hardwood don’t be scared off by a little water.  

  • Wood doesn’t fade
  • Stains can be removed
  • Wood doesn’t crack or split
  • No expensive cleaning needed
  • Wood vanities increase in value
  • You can instantly change the style of your bath

4. Wood Beams Modern interior with rustic decoration elements are becoming a new trend. We have shared a lot of rustic decoration ideas with you, and now here’s another one — exposed wooden beams to adorn your home. As a decorative material, wood is excellent for beautification your interior, because its naturalness, warmth, comfort and rustic beauty. Better yet, rough, raw and warm wooden beams will make a nice contrast with your white ceilings, and make your space stand out. So, if you want to make use of the natural wood in the right way, decorate ceilings with wooden beams is a nice choice. There you have it!!! Wood makes for an excellent accent

There you have it! Wood makes for an excellent accent addition to any room.  Give us a call to discuss these options and we will help you get ready for that next great spring project!