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What Type of Hardwood Flooring is Right for You?

What type of hardwood floor is right for you? Which wood species is right for me? Choosing the right species of wood flooring for you is strictly a matter of your style, budget and personal preference. Do you like light woods like ash or maple? These species generally make a room appear more open and airy. Do you like medium woods like hickory or oak? These species generally make a room appear more warm and cozy. Do you like dark woods like walnut or mahogany? These species generally make a room appear more stately and refined. Once you decide on a look, you should consider how.

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Reclaim a Piece of History: Chestnut

Reclaim a Piece of History: Chestnut This species of wood no longer grows in the American forests. Any chestnut wood today comes from old structures, barns and industrial buildings built before the Chestnut blight in the early 20th century. Re-sawn beams and re-milled siding creates the Chestnut flooring of today. It is becoming scarce as these old buildings disappear and is usually the most expensive of the antique flooring materials. It’s Characteristics: Antique chestnut is characterized by its strength, and unique open grained wood with a high level of resistance to decay. This flooring,.