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Heirloom Amish Furniture

A Woodman for 25 Years

Hickory Rocker You may know Bob Indorf, owner of Housatonic Hardwoods for his primary business line–wide-plank flooring, which he has successfully distributed nationwide to customers for over 25 years.  However, others know him best for his Amish furniture.  A product line he added over 14 years ago, that has brought him to the quiet corners of Pennsylvania-Dutch country.  Over the years, he had developed valued relationships with many Amish furniture makers, which allows him to offer a full-spectrum of beautiful, heirloom furniture. Having two lines of business has really helped him during the.

A Warm Glow in St. Peter’s

This small, bucolic Lutheran church nestled in the village of Cornwall, CT got a beautiful new rift-quartered white oak floor. They  ripped up the old black linoleum floors and installed the new wide-plank flooring provided by Housatonic Hardwoods. With the recently painted yellow walls, they decided on a rustic stain with hints of yellow and gold. As a result, the whole church now has a lovely warm glow. The parishioners and Pastor are delighted with the results. Remember, wood flooring works EVERYWHERE - even churches! .

Grace Your Island or Counter Top with Natural Beauty

Grace Your Island or Counter Top with Natural Beauty! Wood is taking over the household.  It used to be wood was used for everything inside the home but, at the turn of the century formica was introduced and became a commonly used floor and counter covering.  These products were and still are plastic-based, non-sustainable and non-renewable. However, wood offers the complete opposite. It IS sustainable, renewable, recyclable and, often, it becomes a timeless heirloom in your home. Wood can grace your bathroom counters, kitchen counters and islands.  The piece above was a custom designed piece.

Grey is the New Black!

Wood flooring has it's own natural beauty but, if you're looking to create a different vibe in line with the latest trends, try a white wash or grey stain. We're rolling into the mid-way mark of 2017 and this is still a very popular color trend.  The popularity of greys, off whites and beige see a stronger demand along coastal areas or warmer regions that include Florida, Southern California and Arizona. Grey colored hardwood flooring has been leading the pack for the past few years.  It marries beautifully with a minimalist interior design that has long been popular in the Scandinavian countries. People.

Go Wide!

Go Wide! While everyone is talking about the "new" trend of wider plank wood flooring we've been on board the Wide Plank Train since our inception in 1988. This is nothing new in the world of wood flooring. It harkens back to early flooring trends from the late 18th and early 19th century when our countryside was peppered with enormous trees that were being cut and hand milled to create a wide plank flooring option that was ubiquitous at the time. Most of our clients are from New England and they've seen the wood flooring in old, historic homes from that period. Upon entering these.