Go Wide!

Go Wide!

While everyone is talking about the “new” trend of wider plank wood flooring we’ve been on board the Wide Plank Train since our inception in 1988. This is nothing new in the world of wood flooring. It harkens back to early flooring trends from the late 18th and early 19th century when our countryside was peppered with enormous trees that were being cut and hand milled to create a wide plank flooring option that was ubiquitous at the time.

Most of our clients are from New England and they’ve seen the wood flooring in old, historic homes from that period. Upon entering these older homes the first thing you notice is the authenticity and beauty of the old-style wide plank flooring.  These floors were often hand-hewn and pinned down with forged nails rather than locked into place with tongues and grooves, which is how contemporary hardwood floors are held together.

The first wooden floors in colonial America were wide, thick planks cut from the continent’s abundant old-growth forests. Because of the trees’ age and massive diameter, the desirable heartwood was extremely tight-grained, making the lumber harder and more durable. These floorboards were often cut via saw pit, a technique that required two craftsmen to manually cut a tree trunk into sections as the trunk straddled a dug-out pit. The trunks were cut into quarters, and then the planks were cut at a 45-degree angle from those quarters, creating what is referred to as quarter-sawn wood. This cutting technique, created the most stable plank.

We are proud to say that we have sold this type of flooring to to many of our customers over the past 25 years and they were not disappointed. Our most popular flooring is our wide-plank white oak, rift-quartered flooring.  Quarter sawn flooring is produced using the same technique as was done in the old saw-pits and is highly coveted for its stability and beauty.  The quarter sawing combined with the wider planks will create a sense of wide-open space for a rich, sophisticated style.

The benefits of wood flooring know no bounds! The first benefit will be the increased value of your home. Home buyers find homes with woof floor much more desirable than those with rugs. Second, it is a much cleaner way to live. Unlike rugs, it cleans easily and does not create allergens. Lastly, it’s eco-friendly. It can be recycled, reused, renewed and, has NO CARBON footprint.

The whims of flooring fashion come and go but wood flooring has an enduring appeal that will no doubt be a source of pride for any home owner.

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