Grace Your Island or Counter Top with Natural Beauty

Grace Your Island or Counter Top with Natural Beauty!

Wood is taking over the household.  It used to be wood was used for everything inside the home but, at the turn of the century formica was introduced and became a commonly used floor and counter covering.  These products were and still are plastic-based, non-sustainable and non-renewable. However, wood offers the complete opposite. It IS sustainable, renewable, recyclable and, often, it becomes a timeless heirloom in your home.

Wood can grace your bathroom counters, kitchen counters and islands.  The piece above was a custom designed piece for a family who have a rustic-style home in Litchfield County.  The wood they chose was reclaimed white oak which matched beautifully with the interior design of their home.

Below was a custom hickory island top made for a newly built home in Sharon, CT.  While they wanted a cool, clean look with an open floor plan, they also wanted extra warmth added to the kitchen, the heart of the home.  This island top provided a lovely compliment to their rift-quartered white oak flooring that we provided.

Whether you are looking for a rough hewn, natural edge counter top or a custom-stained oak island or anything in between, we will work with you to make it fit your life and home-style.

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