Rustic Chic Interior Design

Rustic Chic Interior Design

Rustic Chic is all about the Wood – From Walls to Ceilings to Flooring!

Incorporating reclaimed and new wood elements into your home design allows you to create a truly unique home. Modern design ideas that attractively blend reclaimed wood and old house design elements into new homes make an impressive statement

Reclaimed Wood: Recycled wood is one of modern interior design trends that add to living spaces appeal. Salvaged wood adds fantastic texture, gray and brown color shades to modern house design. Old wooden floors give unique character to living spaces. Imperfections, cracks and scratches are wonderful details that have their own unique history. (Below flooring is reclaimed Tobacco Wood that is reclaimed from old tobacco barns).






High Wooden Ceilings: High ceiling designs with reclaimed wood beams give modern interior design a spectacular look and add spaciousness, impressive feel and unique style to redesigned living spaces. Original ceiling designs with wooden beams and joists, combined with wooden, brick or stone walls create a complete open spaces in vintage style, highlighting important elements of barn house design.








Kitchen Designs: Blending old house design elements into a new building or converting an old rural building into a modern home creates beautiful results, preserving old and enhancing modern ideas with traditional materials and rustic textures.






Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom or living room, there is pretty much no space that does not look charming with rustic decor. And, then add a little modern chic to the mix and you have a bold but warm and welcoming place to call home!



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