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4 Wood Flooring Treatments that are Gaining Popularity

4 Wood Flooring Treatments that are Gaining Popularity

While smooth floors were once the norm, people are seeking out more textured options for an older looks. Distressed flooring is one thing but, the types of treatments listed below are much more artisanal in nature and will be an additional cost. But, the result is beautiful, unique and you really never have to worry about scratches like you would with a shiny, smooth floor.


The style gets its name from the once-common technique of using a shaving knife to scrape a plank into smoothness. It was all done with hand held tools at least until powered sanders arrived the natural, human imperfections were tweaked into deliberate styles. Craftsmen became artisans, not just functionally evening out boards, but deliberately marking and sculpting the wood. Using hammer and chisel, the installer could give the floor distinction. This process leaves scrape marks that were once typical of wood flooring. The result is stunning






Fumed or Smoked:

Fumed or smoked oak is oak wood flooring which has been treated to change its color.  Fuming or smoking involves putting the oak into an enclosed environment in which ammonia is introduced into the atmosphere.  This enclosed environment might be a closed tank or a sealed tent or some form of container into which only a relatively small amount of ammonia is introduced.  The effect of the ammonia in the air is that the color of the wood is changed.  The result is a more antique look with grayish highlights.








Saw Marks:

Using a circular saw at varying speeds and with varying densities and the moisture content of logs and unevenly blade wearing all create t a unique saw-marked effect.  The surface left behind by the saw creates subtle differences in texture that have a noticeable effect on the overall feel of the room giving it a more natural and authentic look and feel.  Circle sawn flooring, along with other rough sawn flooring products, is easier to install than standard flat hardwood floors. Rough sawn flooring is not designed to be perfectly flat, so this makes laying and sanding the flooring much easier than smooth finish wood floors. Also, the patterns, textures, and wood grain on circle sawn flooring make scratches and dents much harder to see than on a smooth floor.









When hardwood is wire brushed it will essentially undergo a process just as the name implies – a wire brush will be used to scrape the surface. This must be done during it is manufactured to create a unique texture. You can easily recognize this type flooring due to the toothed, rough consistency and accented (open) grain it displays.