Eastern White Pine Flooring

Wide boards are the benchmark of #3 Premium Grade Eastern White Pine furnished by Housatonic Hardwoods. Normal production comes in widths of 12” to 20”, dominantly white in color with small and large dark-colored knots scattered throughout the floor. Clear White Pine is available at higher prices and usually in smaller widths. All boards will be long (up to 12’ or 16’) and are never end-matched. This flooring is the softest of all the domestic flooring woods and is subject to wear in any unprotected traffic areas. Since the wood is soft and somewhat subject to splitting during nailing (if milled as tongue and groove flooring) the wood is often milled in ship-lap edge or evening square edge and surface nailed with classic old-style cut nails. The wood is subject to to shrinkage and oftentimes gaps appear between boards and at butt ends of boards after the first heating season. Flooring is not usually sanded in place and may be finished with a wide variety of stains, oils, or oil based urethanes. The look is rustic with its own special appeal in appropriate settings.

Additional Information

  • 3/4″ thick, T&G, Kiln dried
  • Available widths – 4″ – 25″
  • Available lengths – random
  • Hardness = 380: very soft compared to oak
  • Price Range – $2.85-$8.00/sf
  • Solid or Engineered

Available Grades

  • Knotty Grade

    traditional grade with knots and some color variation

  • Clear Grade

    few knots compared to Premium Grade, consistant coloring