Maple Flooring

Numerous varieties of Maple trees are prevalent in northern American forests. Hard Maple (Sugar Maple or Black Maple) make the best flooring, but soft Maple, which is less costly, is also used, but requires protection with throw rugs or runners in heavy traffic areas. In the finished floor, all varieties of Maple are almost indistinguishable with closed grain swirly patterns and light coloration. Special figured grain patterns occur randomly in Maple lumber giving rise to occasional birdseye, tiger maple, or curly maple configurations appearing here and there in the finished floor. The hard Maple is somewhat resistant to nailing and sanding, but in the finished floor is very durable. Maple does not stain evenly and can result in a blotchy, unattractive finished appearance in a floor.

Additional Information

  • 3/4″ thick, T&G, Kiln dried, End matching
  • Available widths – 3″ – 12″
  • Available lengths – random
  • Hardness = 1450: 12% harder than red oak
  • Price Range – $3.75-$10.00/sf
  • Solid or Engineered

Available Grades

  • Select Grade

    consistant grain pattern with very few natural characteristics such as knots and color variation

  • #1 Common Grade

    middle of the road grade with fewer knots and a lower degree of color variation compared to a rustic grade, knots tend to be smaller.

  • Rustic Grade

    high degree of natural characteristics including frequent knots, color variation and distinctive grain patterns