Southern Yellow Pine Flooring

This is the modern grade of Southern Yellow Pine closest to the Heart Pine of the 19th century — products which were milled from the “old growth” trees that ranged up to three hundred years old and which featured the small growth rings and hardness for which they were prized. The Heart Pine of today is produced from newly harvested trees of older growth than the “plantation” Southern Pine trees from which today’s ordinary Southern Yellow Pine lumber and flooring is manufactured.  Each of the different grades of today’s Heart Pine is created in the sawmill by sorting the planks based on the characteristics required for the various grades. All grades have the typical yellow color with strong brown growth rings and dark knots and varying amounts of actual heartwood.

Additional Information

  • 3/4″ thick, T&G, Kiln dried
  • Available widths – 4″ – 12″
  • Available lengths – random
  • Price Range – $2.95-$6.00/sf
  • Solid or Engineered

Available Grades

  • C & Better Grade

    mostly clear grade, may have small knots, rarely contains heartwood

  • D Grade

    mostly clear grade, small knots, contains some heartwood

  • #2 Grade

    knotty grade

  • Vertical Grain

    100% vertical grain, may include some heartwood, infrequent knots