Walnut Flooring

American Black Walnut is by far the deepest color of any of the American hardwoods. The grain is closed , similar ro cherry or maple, although some boards will have burled or curly grain. The heartwood ranges from a deep, rich brown to a purplish black. However the sapwood is nearly white or tan and can create an extreme contrast when used in a floor. Flooring can be furnished essentially free of sapwood at a modest increase in cost. This is a premium wood, used in very formal rooms or sometimes in an entire house, and often (in narrow widths) as a highlighting border or in other decorative inlay techniques. It is somewhat softer than Red Oak, but even more stable, so it is easily installed and finished.

Additional Information

  • 3/4″ thick, T&G, Kiln dried, End matching
  • Available widths – 3″ – 12″
  • Available lengths – random
  • Hardness = 1010: 22% softer than Red Oak
  • Price Range – $4.95-$14.00/sf
  • Solid or Engineered

Available Grades

  • Select Grade

    consistant grain pattern with very few natural characteristics such as knots and color variation

  • #1 Common Grade

    middle of the road grade with fewer knots and a lower degree of color variation compared to a rustic grade, knots tend to be smaller.

  • Rustic Grade

    high degree of natural characteristics including frequent knots, color variation and distinctive grain patterns